Friday, August 14, 2020

After reading the book “The Hundred Dresses” in which the main character was teased for always wearing the same faded dress, JKHA second graders organized a school-wide clothing drive to help those in need. The day before Thanksgiving the second graders brought the many bags they collected filled with clothing, shoes, blankets and more to RKYHS and students in the Homeless Awareness Chug then sorted it all into categories. The students were overwhelmed to see how many tables of clothing they had collected.

The RKYHS Homeless Awareness Club headed out into the streets of Newark that evening to hand out an abundance of food and clothes. They brought with them cornbread baked by the JKHA second graders, food donated by the school caterer Shimon Nissel and bags of clothes from the school-wide clothing drive. Many of the students collected various items on their own such as blankets, winter coats, socks, scarves and much much more. The RKYHS students were joined by several RKYHS alumni.