Thursday, March 30, 2023

Over 10,000 people viewed Yeshivat Frisch’s Shiriyah finale last Thursday night, the majority streaming the event on frisch.org. Shiriyah, as many people in the wider Jewish community know, is a weeklong program unique to Frisch that allows students to get involved in an epic series of collaborative, creative projects centered on a Torah theme. Each grade works together to bring their Torah theme to life through a variety of magnificent, imaginative, well-researched projects—including stunning art murals, transformed hallways, music, escape rooms, “stomps,” Shark Tank proposals, cake creations, films, fashion designs and Rube Goldberg machines. The talents and contributions of each individual are celebrated as every student has the opportunity to find his or her own niche. The incredible camaraderie formed during Shiriyah is an amazing and unparalleled part of the Frisch experience, producing incredible, lifelong friendships and memories. Alumni around the world look forward to sharing in the Shiriyah excitement long after graduation, and many sent in pictures of their viewing parties (bedecked in Frisch gear!) as they tuned in to the finale event!

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