Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies (BCHSJS) has been holding classes online via Zoom. This past Sunday, was the last day of classes at which closing exercises were held. Students received awards as “Outstanding Students” if they were so named by at least two of their three teachers.

The eighth graders who received awards were Leonora Kleinmann and Shayna Rozenberg.

Ninth graders who received awards were Gabrielle Brayman, Josh Fishman, Ethan Holden, Rebecca Peisach and Lillian Simhon.

Tenth graders who received awards were Ian Gilenson, Jacob Kramer, Hayley Leopold and Malayna Leopold.

Eleventh graders who received the award were Ori Ben Yossef, Sabrina Burns, Jenna Melman and Alan Rosenberg.

Seniors who received the award were Emma Matthews, Carmel Ohring, Sam Pitchkhadze, Sara Skobac, Abigail Stern and Ilana Whittaker.

The Jewish Theological Seminary Ahavat Torah Award given to a student who is passionate about Jewish life and has a record of service was given to Spencer Seigel-Laddy.