Tuesday, May 26, 2020

One month was too long for pre-k teachers at Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy (BCHA) to go without seeing their little ones, so they thought creatively, and on one sunny April morning embarked on their very first Pre-k Teacher Parade. To pull it off without a hitch, the teachers contacted each parent prior to the parade, letting them know precisely what time they would be driving up, so that the children were waiting outside their homes when their teacher drove up, hopped out of the car and waved, holding balloons and signs that said “I love you.”

“I cannot say enough about my son’s teachers. They are angels, whose caring and love can be felt so strongly even through the barriers of social distancing,” said Elior Parness, whose son Boaz is one of the BCHA preschoolers who was treated to a visit. “Though they have held countless Zoom calls, sent personal texts and made one on one video calls, the pre-k team wanted to do even more to show their students how much they miss them and care about them.”

The teachers, reports Parness, showed up with lots of love in tow, albeit from six feet away.

“They came with balloons, signs, a megaphone and so much love,” he said. “It made my son’s day, and mine! Just to see their smiling faces and feel their love meant the world to both of us. These teachers who, like the rest of us, are feeling overwhelmed with managing the anxiety of the situation, juggling work and family obligations, trying to guide their own children through remote learning, and care for themselves and loved ones, took the time to go above and beyond for our kids. We are so deeply grateful and feel so lucky to have them as our teachers. They are amazing!”