Monday, July 06, 2020

This year, BPY was determined to make the eighth grade graduation as meaningful and unique as possible, given the restrictions and protocols. The students deserved a special send off that highlighted the amazing experience that they had at BPY while also capturing the uniqueness and strengths of each student. It was a group effort that resulted in a once in a lifetime program that will be remembered forever!

As the decorated cars pulled down the street, lining up for the drive-in graduation, there was so much excitement in the air. The cars were decorated creatively with signs, balloons and even a giant graduation cap. One by one, they were guided to their locations in front of the jumbotron screen and stage. While waiting to begin, a special montage of memories filled the screen, as students dressed in caps and gowns were beaming in their cars as they fondly remembered the special BPY milestones. After a warm welcome and singing of the national anthems, the celebrations began. Student representatives spoke beautifully reflecting on their experiences and hope for the future. There were special messages from teachers both near and far who had impacted their school experience throughout their time in BPY. The students created their own montage as they bid farewell to BPY. When it was time to receive their diplomas, the students lined up, socially distanced, at the foot of the stage. They were ecstatic to have the opportunity to cross the stage in front of their friends and loved ones who cheered them on by honking their horns. Each student was welcomed on stage with a meaningful message from a faculty member. The evening ended with a creative cap toss that proved that although they were separated by the pandemic, they were as close as ever! Wishing much hatzlacha to the graduates and continued nachat to the outstanding BPY families!

Mabrook and mazal tov to BPY’s outstanding, fabulous kindergarten children! They made their teachers proud every day with their curious minds, smiles, art, Torah learning, engineering, math, writing, robotics, midot, chesed and tefillah. BPY can’t wait to see these suerstarts in kitah aleph! A heartfelt hakarat hatov to Morah Jessica and the entire kindergarten “dream team” of morot for putting their hearts and souls into the success of the children.