Thursday, June 24, 2021

Coming back to their wonderful Moriah building for the new school year, seeing old friends and initiating learning in person was an incredible experience! The students all felt many emotions, as they arrived for the first day of kindergarten. The class decided to create a “heart map,” giving each student the opportunity to express their thoughts to each other about returning to school. Each class member designed a miniature heart, depicting how they felt and then shared their “heart” with the class. Many children shared feelings of happiness and excitement, while a few mentioned being a little nervous or shy. It was wonderful to observe each child as they felt comfortable opening up to their classmates, as well as to hear the words of support shared by their classmates. They all learned that they are not alone in their emotions and they can feel validated as others show them understanding. The children look forward to continuing to develop a sense of friendship and community in kindergarten!

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