Wednesday, January 27, 2021

TABC students previewed two big contests earlier this month as Rav Yitz, director of Student Activities, hosted a virtual event for students to discuss the presidential debate and the NBA finals. After spending some time discussing the candidates and speculating about what to expect in the presidential debate (spoiler: no one predicted that!), TABC basketball head coach Oz Cross joined the Zoom and discussed what to look for in the NBA finals.

The following night, Rav Yitz ran a live Kahoot! for all grades, featuring prizes for the winners. The challenge issued? Beat Rabbi Adelman and win Dunkin’ Donuts. Congratulations to sophomore Shimon Ross and senior Noam Barenholtz who placed first and second respectively (Rabbi Adelman came in a respectable third place). The students had a blast answering questions about sports, food and random facts, such as what creature sleeps the most. Turns out it’s a koala, not a high school boy. A great night was had by all!