Tuesday, August 03, 2021

While Naaleh’s Open House was certainly different from years passed, the video presentation captured the warmth and energy of Naaleh by showcasing highlights of the school, faculty, and students. Students reflected on the strong academics, the range of programming opportunities, the wonderful role models provided by the faculty and the general environment promoting growth and connection. Students expressed that no matter a student’s background or interests, there is something for everyone at Naaleh. Most striking was the theme that carried throughout the student and faculty presentations—that being a part of Naaleh is not just about learning and growing academically; it’s about actualizing potential, building confidence and growing as a person and a leader. By building creativity, critical thinking skills, collaboration and communication, students gain the ability to maximize their growth as individuals, not just as students. As ninth grade Mechanechet Kayla Bluman articulates, “We’re not just teaching subjects, and we’re not just teaching skills, we’re teaching a lifestyle that we truly and wholeheartedly believe in.”

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