Friday, February 26, 2021

Bruriah High School is excited to announce the introduction of an arts rotation curriculum for ninth grade students. This innovative program will be piloted in the ninth grade with the goal of weaving the arts into Bruriah’s core curricula for all grades as well as teach students specific artistic skills and abilities. Stage one of this innovative program will feature courses in photography, fine arts and dance provided by trained professionals in the field. Students will have an opportunity to sample each lesson throughout their weekly schedule in an effort to elevate the learning experience and grant each girl a chance to express herself creatively.

Bruriah is committed to offering a variety of academic enhancements; this Art Education Program will promote self-expression and is designed to improve motivation, concentration, confidence and teamwork. As research has indicated, integrating the arts into the educational experience will have a remarkable impact on students’ academic, social and emotional outcomes. Principal Esther Eisenman developed this new program and shared that, “Looking at the whole child, schools can build self-confidence in a variety of ways. Academic achievement, at every level, contributes to that, as does artistic expression. We look forward to facilitating development of the full range of our students’ innate talents. “

The goal of bringing art education to students at Bruriah is to help them to see the world in new ways, and provide access to creative ways of knowing. Bruriah looks forward to this initiative having positive institutional effects on school culture. With the recent addition of a dance team and this newly-introduced arts program, Bruriah will continue to positively impact students as it has been doing for over 35 years as the arts become a part of the fundamental mission of education.