Monday, June 14, 2021

The first ever Yeshivat Noam zoom book clubs turned out to be a huge success! Organized by Parent School Partnership volunteers Hannah Feder, Miriam Fein, Erica Markovitz and Randi Wartelsky, led by eight Yeshivat Noam grandparents, and attended by 78 students, it was a rewarding experience for all.

Students were given swag bags with book club T-shirts and book lights to get them excited about the program. The book clubs were a beautiful way to bring students and grandparents together which has been a difficult task over this past year. Grandparents were so happy to have the chance to get involved with the school and grandchildren were excited to get to hang out with their grandparents in this setting. It also provided the kids the opportunity to get together for a “covid friendly” and educational after school activity. Special thank you to our amazing and talented grandparent volunteers, Sheila Apfel, Debbie Berman, Rozzi Bornstein, Leah Escott, Marla Greenbaum, Lorraine Schwartzbard, Linda Stock, and Barbara Topiol.

As one grandparent put it, “I know it took a lot of hard work to get it all together but it was worth everything to me. My grandson was happy that I could be a part of his school.”

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