Saturday, June 19, 2021

Ma’ayanot loves its students, and students love Ma’ayanot in return. This love was evident in how the Class of 2021 infused the entire school year with spirit and enthusiasm. As Assistant Principal of Co-Curricular Life Rabbi Zev Prince said, “Much of their junior year and their entire senior year were transformed. The Class of 2021 had no playbook from previous senior classes that could train them in what it means to be a senior in this environment. And yet, they rose to meet the challenge and have truly been leaders who’ve made this a remarkable year. Their efforts, energy and enthusiasm ensured that they had a true senior year. They grew into spirited leaders, and brought the rest of our school along with them.”

Seniors continued to lead even through the month of May, as they were in transition from seniors to graduates. Seniors participated in the Encounter program, directed by Religious Programming Director Ora Schrier. Students chose between an internship in a field of interest, including research and a final presentation about the experience, or selecting several dynamic mini-courses offered by Ma’ayanot faculty. Mini-courses were on topics such as Mesilat Yesharim, Chassidut, Halakhic insights from a Yoetzet Halakha, Jewish Life on a College Campus, Genetics, Cooking Chemistry and Jewelry Making. Seniors also enjoyed learning with accomplished guest speakers each day, complementing their mini courses for a rich and fascinating program.

Ma’ayanot seniors were constantly volunteering to come back to school, even when classes were finished. They showed up for a kumzitz in the parking lot during a scheduled day off, and hosted another impromptu kumzitz in Ma’ayanot’s entrance hall on a Friday morning. They led cholent-cooking sessions, spearheaded and taught voluntary learning opportunities for fellow students and faculty, and successfully ran two incredible Heartbeats song and dance performances, which raised over $22,000 for tzedaka. Ma’ayanot can’t wait to see their future achievements and is so proud of the graduating Class of 2021!

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