Friday, September 17, 2021

Mr. Maza recently studied at the University of Oxford, where he was a research fellow at the Oxford Centre for the Study of the Bible, and he brings extensive experience as a published art historian and religious studies scholar. Engaging his formal training as a museum educator, Mr. Maza strives to bring together theory and the material world to empower students to think independently and question the world around them. He is passionate about the integration of the humanities across disciplines.

Mr. Maza holds a B.A. in art history and education studies from Yale University and an MPhil (master’s degree) from the University of Oxford in Hebrew Bible theology.

Ms. Gruber began her journey in scientific exploration in a research position at Bayer Pharmaceuticals in high school, working on drug development for the treatment of hemophilia. She has since participated in both biological and clinical research teams, performing additional research at Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. She discovered a passion for teaching when people sought her out for assistance with their science courses and essays. She began tutoring a variety of science courses at different education levels and helped her students develop their academic writing skills. She is very much looking forward to continuing her journey of scientific exploration and education with the talented and inquisitive students at The Idea School.

Ms. Gruber received a B.A. in biology with a concentration in neuroscience, magna cum laude, from Stern College for Women.

Ms. Mindy Hait joins The Idea School with more than 30 years of experience as a classroom teacher and Learning Specialist. Ms. Hait is a graduate of the Teachers Institute for Women of Yeshiva University and also earned her master’s degree in reading. She has always believed strongly in the Torah perspective that a child should be taught according to his or her nature and passions. Ms. Hait is dedicated to teaching students with their unique talents and creative abilities in mind. She is committed to building students’ self-confidence, and encouraging them to learn and grow, recognizing and tapping into their own specific passions and strengths. Ms. Hait partners with parents and collaborates with colleagues to develop individualized educational programs based on the specific learning styles and interests of each student.

Mr. Ochs started his working career for a financial firm in 2005 focusing on back office operations and account management. Over the years he assisted in several departments pertaining to private client services, operations sales support, relationship liaison and banking administrator. Mr. Ochs transferred his experience from business to education in 2018 by working at Touro College School of Dental Medicine in Curriculum & Technology Management. By switching his focus from managing and forming relationships with clients to student curriculum and facility support, Mr. Ochs was able to assist with on-line course development and maintain student curriculum and learning modules via a Learning Management System (LMS).

Mr. Ochs earned his B.S. degree in business management from Brooklyn College.

Arthur J. Poleyeff comes to The IDEA School after a distinguished career in mathematics education, first at Yeshiva University High School and, for the last 27 years, at Torah Academy of Bergen County where he also served as principal. Recently retired, Mr. Poleyeff will be teaching one section of Algebra II. He has a degree in mathematics education, lives in Englewood, with his wife Linda, and is a proud father of three boys and four grandchildren.

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