Monday, September 27, 2021

Ma’ayanot faculty and staff joyfully welcomed students back to a refurbished building on September 1. Coming to the Ma’ayanot campus has always felt like coming home, and now that home includes a new beit midrash, a renovated learning center and an expanded STEAM wing, including multiple maker spaces, an art studio and cutting-edge science labs. As Ma’ayanot continues to build, students will soon enjoy a new student center/cafe and a new performing arts center. “Building a home/be-chochmah yibaneh bayit,” Ma’ayanot’s theme for the 2021-2022 school year, is both physical and spiritual. Ma’ayanot’s construction creates the physical environment that supports and reflects the school’s mission.

On the emotional and spiritual level, high school is a time for each student to construct her own identity, helped by Ma’ayanot’s caring faculty and staff. Each grade will embrace the theme of “building a home” through the prism of its unique developmental needs. Ninth graders have “the keys to a new home” and are encouraged to think about goals and strengths they hope to unlock during high school. Tenth graders are “opening doors,” trying new opportunities and expanding their comfort zones. Eleventh grade adopts the imagery of “windows,” a chance to look outward and choose role models, and look inward at their identity as Jewish women. Twelfth graders are invited to “raise the roof,” to embrace leadership opportunities that impact the spirit and tenor of the year for the entire school.

As seniors Maayan Berkowitz and Abby Rosenfeld said, “The new building sets the tone for an exciting year of new learning!” Added senior Rina Rogers, “Putting effort, design and intricacy into our building shows that our school cares about our learning and takes it seriously.” As Rabbi Yaakov Glasser, who addressed the Ma’ayanot students on Tzom Gedaliah put it, “A builder has a transcendent spirit and a vision of what can be, and is not satisfied only with what is.” Ma’ayanot is grateful to be building the home that helps its students blossom intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.

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