Monday, September 27, 2021

On Friday, September 10, Tenafly Chabad Academy students in grades five through eight gathered for a special assembly commemorating the 20th anniversary of the fateful events that took place on September 11, 2001. Students were honored and privileged to hear a first hand account by Mr. Moshe Moskowitz, who shared his personal story of escaping the 79th floor of WTC II.

Mr. Moskowitz’s miraculous flight from the collapsing building was truly mind-blowing for the students and faculty. But the greatest inspiration from Mr. Moskowitz’s account was hearing about the incredible spiritual impact and unbelievable light that came into his life on that infamous morning. “I thank Hashem for saving me on 9/11 both physically and spiritually, by opening my eyes,” expressed Mr. Moskowitz.

Mr. Moskowitz challenged his TCA audience to find and see Hashem’s hand in everyday events, not just on days like 9/11. “We all have 9/11 stories in our lives,” explained Mr. Moskowitz. “Every time you look at things in your life, you’ll be able to see how Hashem is guiding you, helping you!”

Thank you Mr. Moskowitz for inspiring everyone and for helping students gain a greater appreciation for the many blessings in their lives!

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