Monday, September 27, 2021

(Courtesy of OneFamily) OneFamily, a charitable organization dedicated to supporting Israeli victims of terror, recently partnered with Color Street to give free manicures ahead of Rosh Hashanah to Israeli women impacted by terror attacks.

Forty women from southern Israel gathered at Art Shef, in Be’er Sheva, for a holiday baking workshop, where they picked up cooking tips and baked Rosh Hashanah cakes, breads and pastries. As the dough rose in the ovens, Teaneck resident Liz Strulowitz, owner of Color Street, gave free manicures to the participants.

Opened in 2019, Color Street sells long-lasting nail polish strips. In addition to providing the holiday manicures, Strulowitz has decided to donate all her company’s profits over the next three months to OneFamily.

“Liz’s donations to OneFamily will help improve the lives of those in Israel who have to contend with the aftermath of terror attacks,” said Naomi Nussbaum, executive director of OneFamily Fund USA. “And her willingness to fly to Israel and spend time with these amazing women reinforced to them that we are all in this together.”

Strulowitz was so touched by her experience in Be’er Sheva that she has volunteered to sponsor OneFamily’s upcoming brunch fundraiser with Magen David Adom at the Teaneck Jewish Center on Sunday, October 3, at 11:30 a.m. She will also join the OneFamily Hike in Ein Gedi, Israel from October 17-21.

Founded in 2001, OneFamily has provided assistance to more than 4,000 Israeli victims of terror and their families.

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