Wednesday, December 07, 2022

At Yavneh Academy Kindness Counts! There are so many opportunities to perform acts of kindness both in and out of school. Over Sukkot break, middle school students were challenged to keep track of their acts of kindness. Teachers created kindness Bingo boards and asked the students to mark off the acts of kindness they performed. Each board consisted of 25 acts of kindness. Some examples included: inviting someone new to your home; spending time with or calling a grandparent or relative; donating something you no longer need; writing a thank you note or email to a teacher; making someone smile.

Students returned their completed kindness Bingo boards to enter into a raffle for Apple AirPods! Over 100 students participated in the campaign and accumulated over 1,500 acts of kindness! The goal of the program is to help everyone be more mindful of the many opportunities there are to help one another and to promote kindness in the community! Olam chesed Yavneh!

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