Thursday, December 02, 2021

TABC welcomed 150 eighth-graders last Saturday night for its inaugural Tournament of Champions, followed by a festive melave malka, as prospective students got their first glimpse of life at TABC. The eighth graders were greeted by TABC students and faculty as they arrived and made their way to the hockey gym, where they fueled up on Krispy Kreme and heard some words of Torah from Rabbi Yoni Mandelstam and a brief rundown of the evening from Rabbi Jonathan Kessel. Shortly after, the games began with competitions in basketball, chess, College Bowl, mini golf, ping pong and STEM. Music blasted and cheers erupted as the competitions got underway and the eighth graders got to know current students, faculty, rebbeim and potential future classmates. When the final whistle sounded, the visitors headed to the beit midrash for a fleishig melave malka, where they heard from TABC’s Head of School Rabbi Shlomo Adelman, and Rav Yitz TABC’s director of student activities and athletics.

The eighth graders also enjoyed a viewing of a recap video from TABC’s Welcome Back Shabbaton, which is an annual highlight of the early part of the school year. Before benching, the winners were announced and presented with trophies and a premium pair of limited-edition TABC athletic shorts. Congratulations to basketball champion Nathan Neufeld (He’Atid), chess champion Jacob Wiener (Tenafly Chabad Academy), College Bowl champion Adiv Korn (Noam), mini golf champion Solly Treuhaft (RYNJ), ping pong champion Nathan Davidson (He’Atid) and STEM co-champions Daniel Gilbert and Noah Weiss (Noam).

The fun continues at TABC’s Open House for prospective students on Sunday, November 7, at 9:30 a.m. Register at tabc.org/openhouse.

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