Thursday, December 02, 2021

The middle school students were in joyous spirits on Monday as they celebrated Ruach Day. One of the most beloved days of the year, sixth, seventh and eighth graders came together for chesed projects, team building activities and loads of fun! To jumpstart the day, each grade took on a different task intended to beautify the school and ameliorate the campus experience for students, parents, faculty and insect friends alike. They seeded a butterfly garden, decorated the outdoor spaces and planted fall hardy flowers in the school’s planters. Next it was off to Van Saun Park, where the students rotated through game stations that emphasize teamwork, cooperation and coordination. In addition, students traveled through a challenging obstacle course, used their hand eye coordination to pass sticks and, as a team, tested their strength as they played cornhole. After an exhilarating walk home, the students showed off their talents at the BPY talent show and ended with a scrumptious ice cream party! All in all, new friendships were made, teachers had an opportunity to bond with the students and everyone enjoyed dressing up in BPY themed costumes. What a great way to brighten up the day to bond as a group.

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