Monday, January 24, 2022

Mah rabu maasecha Hashem! Each day as the children of BPY’s Gan Keshet say tefillah they thank Hashem for their five senses and the ability to see the marvelous world that was created for people to enjoy. After learning how Yitzchak relied on his sense of touch when his vision failed him, Gan Keshet began focusing on the sense of sight. The children learned about Louis Braille, investigated books written in braille and wrote their names in braille using beads to represent braille marks. They also studied the art work of John Bramblitt, a wonderful artist who happens to be blind. The children attempted to both draw and paint like Bramblitt. First, the children drew a simple picture, then they attempted to draw the same picture, with the same colors while blindfolded. The trick was adding a different texture to each marker. Painting while blindfolded was quite an experience. The children needed to feel the raised glue outline and remember the textures added to each paint color. Thank you Hashem for our vision! Now the children can fully appreciate the bracha of “pokayach ivrim.”

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