Monday, January 24, 2022

Every Thursday after school ends, approximately 30 middle school students at BPY stay for another shiur of voluntary learning with Rabbi Zucker. This special mishmar session begins with helpings of delicious cholent and potato kugel, as well as delectable maza portions. The shiur begins with a presentation of a “thought problem” in Gemara or Halacha—something that involves a seeming contradiction. The students then discuss, debate and probe—what is the premise behind the kushya, and what different premise will help us get to a resolution? Areas the group has tackled so far include when beracha is not said before a mitzvah, but rather afterward; why a minyan cannot be made with six people even though we hold Rubo KeKulo; and why tefillah each day is not a time-caused mitzvah. Students leave each shiur satiated with regard to food, and hungry for more Torah!

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