Saturday, January 22, 2022

On Tuesday, January 4, TABC’s scholars took their learning journey to the halls of the New York Historical Society, where they participated in an inquiry-based exploration of the life and work of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. The students were intrigued by the events that shaped the life of the first Jewish woman appointed to the high court, her influence as an iconic figure who was admired by many across the political aisle and the landmark cases that bore her mark. Across a range of topics, whether voting rights, gender equality or equal pay landmark decisions, TABC scholars had an opportunity to consider some of the critical issues that the “Notorious RBG” touched on in her legal opinions, whether they were dissenting or in the majority.

The scholars also enjoyed a private viewing of the film about New York City’s influence over time. As a portal into the nation, NYC has welcomed people of all cultures and languages and has served as an engine for ingenuity, ideas and progress at every step. The students learned about the origins of the national labor movement in New York and its formal designation with the addition of a Department of Labor under the leadership of Francis Perkins, whose passion was ignited after watching the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, among many fascinating beginnings. The students also enjoyed an opportunity to offer their visions and ideas as “Commanders-in-Chief” in the Oval Office exhibit while seated at a replica of the president’s desk and in the gallery of presidents that followed. Finally, the scholars enjoyed discussing some of the ideas that emanated from the Tiffany lamp gallery, drawing upon some of their own artistic and historical knowledge. The educator who led the program shared how exceptional TABC’s students were in the questions they raised, the insights they shared and in the character they exuded.

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