Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Rosenbaum Yeshiva North Jersey has many enthusiastic and talented students who sing and perform their way through the calendar year. Recently, RYNJ hosted their annual music recital. There were musicians on piano, keyboard, guitar, drums, violin, trumpet, recorder and flute. Students from grades K-8 participated in this year’s program. Some of our students have been performing for many years and it is truly exciting to see the progress they have made. A shout-out to the wonderful and dedicated parents who schlepped the instruments into school—particularly the drum sets that had to be dismantled and assembled—not an easy job!! It was also heartwarming to see so many of the RYNJ families join us for the performance. Student who participated, in order of appearance were:

Talia Distenfeld, Aliza Poloner, Temimah Schulhof, Chana Aspir, Betzalel Kanarek, Nachshon Lefkowitz, Yitzy Rosenbluth, Noam Kornwasser, Shlomo Stobezki, Azriel Tovbin, Ezra Hochbaum (our youngest participant), Yehuda Hochbaum, Doniel Gopin, Shmuel Gopin, Gidon Lefkowitz, Tani Glaser, Mendel Hein, Yehoshua Kanarek, Akiva Cooper, Ben-Tzion Zuckier, and Yitzy Rozenberg.  Emily Grunstein, Ayelet Glaser, Esther Brodsky, Ali Cohen, Shoshana Elishis, Chana Lieba Rosenbluth, Keren Glicksman, Aliza Schiff, Goldie Hein, Dina Halberstam, Chana Schapiro, Devorah Kleinman, Elisheva Tamarov, Avigayil Rosenbluth, Yitzy Rosenbluth, Devorah Burg, Chani Shulman, Avigayil Kahn, and Noa Garfinkel.

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