Sunday, June 04, 2023

Last Wednesday, SAR Academy students, faculty and staff gathered together in a meaningful Yom Hazikaron tekes to honor the memory of the fallen soldiers who bravely fought and sacrificed for Medinat Yisrael, as well as to remember those who have fallen to terror. In addition to beautiful songs and tefillot, students spoke of and remembered chayalim who tragically lost their lives serving the State of Israel and lit Yizkor candles in their memory. Throughout the day, students participated in special programming including visits from IDF chayalim, some of whom were former SAR students. The chayalim shared personal reflections on their service to Medinat Yisrael and engaged in meaningful conversations with students about the importance of their service.

SAR beautifully transitioned from Yom Hazikaron into Yom Ha’atzmaut, beginning the day with a musical and uplifting Hallel on the steps. Thanks to the incredible faculty and staff, the theme of Israel was incorporated into every student activity throughout the day—from a chagiga on the field highlighted by the daglanut team and basic army training, to a Tzfat-inspired art studio and Tel Aviv STEM rooms. The middle school held its annual Beit Sefer L’Musika, where students showcased their incredible musical talent.

The school day ended with a beautiful tekes to celebrate 74 years of Medinat Yisrael’s independence in song followed by a community BBQ and chagiga on the field. The simcha throughout the day was palpable and the strong connections to Israel were deeply felt.

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