Tuesday, August 16, 2022

On Yom Hazikaron in JKHA, every middle school student received the name of a soldier and committed to learning and davening in honor of this fallen hero. They set the tone for Yom Hazikaron by lighting a candle in their memory the night before. Middle school students started their day on Yom Hazikaron with a meaningful assembly about the day and what this profound memorial day means to Jews and Israelis all over the world. Eighth grade student speakers shared compelling passages memorializing individual fallen soldiers, magnifying the impactful way each individual person’s sacrifice and life matters, their absences felt by families, communities and the Jewish world at large. The program culminated with the entire middle school singing “Hatikvah” together, which was a powerful collective vocalization of the reason why so many have sacrificed their lives for Israel’s creation and endurance.

Lower school students gathered together during morning sssembly for Yom Hazikaron to mark the day, to honor and respect the Israeli soldiers from the past and present and to pray for their ongoing welfare. They gathered around the screen to see Jews from all over Israel come to a halt in silence to honor soldiers and pray for their safety. The division then held their own moment of silence. At the conclusion, students recited a perek of Tehillim together and sang “Hatikvah.”

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