Wednesday, June 29, 2022

The eighth grade graduation was such a beautiful way to “cap off” the year.. And what a year it has been! The entire eighth grade class were admitted to their first-choice high schools. This is an unparalleled accomplishment, and is a fitting testament both to the students’ hard work and great midot, as well as to the faculty’s dedication and great talent in preparing the students for their next adventure. This eighth grade class is so wonderful—as are all of our students—in their sense of achdut, their scholarship, care for others, love of Torah and of Israel.

All of this reflects what the beautiful and special BPY family already knows so well. The magic, warmth, caring, and growth are visible every day. Everyone is already looking forward to beginning again in September, b’ezrat Hashem, and to soar even higher together—home and school, students and teachers, parents, grandparents and friends.

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