Tuesday, August 16, 2022

This week CDG had a two-day Olympics with campers winning gold, silver and bronze medals for various competitions. The four countries/teams—Jamaica (green), South Korea (white), Argentina (blue) and Belgium (yellow)—participated in four-way dodgeball, home run derby, staff race around camp and staff basketball and volleyball games. The greatest challenge was a track and field professional obstacle course called Grit and Wit that included mental and physical challenges.

Sunday was the camp’s first Visiting Day in almost three years. Despite the intense heat, parents made the trek up to camp to see why their sons are having the time of their lives. As always, after the big visiting day cleanup, campers were treated to an ice cream party in the dining room.

CDG’s incredible and unparalleled learning program is called the miles program because campers earn “miles” for learning. It is a badge of honor for a camper to get “max miles,” meaning he has received all possible miles from being at every learning group and on time, and attending all three voluntary hours of learning on Shabbos. Amazingly, as of this past Friday, 501 boys (over 80%) of the camp were at max miles? CDG is just bursting with pride!

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