Thursday, December 08, 2022

On Thursday night, MTA celebrated the Mishna Yomi siyum on Seder Zeraim. Many talmidim and rebbeim had completed the limud and the entire yeshiva gathered together to celebrate their accomplishment. The siyum was only the beginning of a fun-filled night that led into the MTA yeshiva-wide shabbaton. After the siyum was completed talmidim enjoyed cholent and kugel and had the opportunity to cheer on the varsity hockey team as they took on TABC. Following the game’s completion the entire yeshiva boarded buses and headed to the DreamWorks waterpark at the American Dream Mall. Talmidim and rebbeim enjoyed the attractions of the park and after racing down the slides and riding the waves of the enormous wave pool the yeshiva enjoyed a late night snack provided by Chickies. When the time came to leave the park, ninth graders boarded buses home while the 10-12th graders departed for their shabbaton. It was truly a night to remember.

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