Thursday, March 23, 2023

During the week of Chanukah, The Idea School students and faculty were honored to dedicate the Miri Maker Makom, the school’s maker space. The Miri Maker Makon was established by the Farkovits and Rosenberg families in loving memory of Miri Farkovits, z”l, daughter of Lisa and Doni Farkovits and sister of Coby (‘23) and Rikki (‘25), who died four years ago.

Under the oversight of Aryeh Laufer, head of STEM, a dedicated group of students worked over the past few months to create a sign for the Maker Space, one that reflects many things that Miri loved, as well as the spirit of creativity and ingenuity of The Idea School Maker Space. After the school participated in a maker challenge that had every student contribute to the sign, the Farkovits family and the students inaugurated the space with a meaningful and heartfelt ceremony that included memories of Miri, shared by her mother, and a dvar Torah given by her sister, Rikki, that centered around the importance of creating a makom where all can express their individual talents and gifts.

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