Saturday, January 28, 2023

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a great day to encourage kids to give back to their community with service projects at home. At school, teachers spent the day in two important activities: First, the students learned the meaning of chesed in chevruta, in the spirit of Dr. King. Then, they finished the day with analysis of student work—tests, quizzes and computer-based programs—to make sure that each student is getting the most appropriate education for their level.

This week is Shavua Ivrit at WTA, and it is always a Big Deal. This year, the B’not Sheirut outdid themselves, decorating the school from top to bottom. All week, students from Zra’im (2 year olds) all the way through middle school will be celebrating with games, activities and songs. Keep an eye out next week to see all the upcoming fun events.

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