Tuesday, March 21, 2023

What an exciting Shushan Purim it was at JKHA lower school and middle school! The middle school sixth graders kicked off the day for the youngest early childhood and first grade students with a student-created carnival. Middle schoolers also participated in a special Purim Moadim l’STEAMcha activity that focused on the reasons behind why we eat hamantashen, followed by a STEAM activity where students constructed projects based on triangles including paper pyramid pixels and gumdrop geodesic domes. All divisions enjoyed a special game show and inflatable fun on the outdoor recreation fields. Lower school students danced up a storm at a Purim chagiga and enjoyed special Purim activities led by the school’s bnot sheirut. The highlight of the day for middle school students was the breakout of Maccabiah where teams Orah and Simcha competed for the title.

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