Monday, August 10, 2020

RYNJ has participated in Hebrew Free Burial Association’s Cemetery Clean-Up Project for many years. Every year, students and rebbeim do a wonderful job in helping to maintain Silver Lake Cemetery. However, this year’s grade was among the best groups in the 10 years of the program.

From the moment the students got off of the bus they were ready to get to work–rakes and equipment couldn’t be given out fast enough. The students were so engaged in the project, and so respectful of their surroundings. They accomplished a tremendous amount while they were there.

This dedication to chesed isn’t automatic. It is developed from the first day a student enters RYNJ in pre-school. Interaction with teachers and mechanchim from all over the tri-state region is among the finest in the chinuch landscape today.

Andrew Parver, Director of Operations at the Hebrew Free Burial Association, commented, “As an RYNJ parent, I was so proud of the boys today….”