Friday, June 02, 2023

We have pretty amazing teachers at Tenafly Chabad Academy. Our teachers don’t just teach the material, they teach us everything about the world so that we are successful even when we are all done with school. They are always patient with us no matter how many mistakes we make and care about us beyond the classroom. They always find the time and creative ways to help us with all our struggles. We are grateful to them because no matter how challenging teaching can be at times, they try to see things from our perspective. Although sometimes they have to take some precautions (and we get the consequences…), we know they have our best interest at heart. These are a few of the many reasons we adore our teachers, and we hope that other kids like us are lucky enough to get teachers as cool, fun, funny and amazingly awesome as ours.

Mia Tilson and Lily Nussbaum
7th grade

Mrs. Kirschenbaum is such an awesome fourth grade teacher! I love that she always takes the time to help each and every student understand new concepts. I really appreciate her willingness to answer my millions of questions during class. Her love of teaching makes me want to learn more.

In the beginning of fourth grade writing did not come easy to me. Mrs.Kirschenbaum showed me how to come up with creative ideas and how to improve my sentences. Thank you, Mrs. Kirshenbaum, for encouraging me to have the confidence to express my creative thinking in my writing.

Another thing that makes Mrs. Kirschenbaum’s special is her morning greetings and the special birthday balloons and cards she gets each of her students on their birthday. Mrs. Kirschenbaum is really awesome!

Thank you!
Sophie Miller-Cheslow
4th grade

My teachers, Mrs. Benjamin, Morah Liberow, Morah Shoshie and Morah Etty are amazing teachers! They are all supportive and kind. They all push me to do my best and help me improve my brain. They all teach me important things about the world and how to learn.

Our classroom has everything we need to learn (except glue). My teachers care about all the different parts of my life and want the best for all the kids in our class. They let me take my time when I am having a hard day but also push me to be better when I can. Thank you so much!!

William Gordon
3rd grade
המורים הטובים ביותר בעולם נמצאים בטנפלי חב״ד
בבית הספר שלנו, Tenafly Chabad Academy, יש את המורים הטובים ביותר בעולם. הם עוזרים לנו ללמוד איך להיות אדיבים, איך להיות אנשים טובים, ואיך לעשות הרבה מצוות. הם תומכים בנו כאשר אנו תקועים במשהו, ועוזרים לנו ללמוד נושאים חשובים שנצטרך לאורך כך החיים. כולנו אסירי תודה על המורים הגדולים שיש לנו. אם לא היו לנו את המורים המדהימים האלה לא היה לנו את כל הידע שיש לנו עכשיו. תודה למורים על הכל. אתם הכי טובים בעולם!
Elior Malul and Hadar Shapir,
5th grade
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