Friday, June 02, 2023

As parents, it’s difficult to say who has the harder job. Is it us, occasional homework buddies who then serve faithfully as members of the audience cheering on our children as they mark precious milestones at the end of the year? Or is it the teachers who go over the same material day after day until the student “gets it,” and then go on to do the very same work the next year, each school year toiling to turn a ragtag band of students (most often the same age as the ones before) into self-assured superstars?

We tend to think of ourselves as parenting our children as a team (most often with two parents and maybe a grandparent or two to share the burden as well), but in this community of yeshiva day and high schools, we are reminded very often that our teachers are partnered with us every single step of the way. And that we couldn’t do without them.

This week we take a moment to thank these wonderful women and men who step up for our children every day; whose eyes light up when they see their student finally incorporate a concept they’ve been struggling with for months into a conversation or essay, or solve that equation that has eluded them for what has seemed like forever. We know that, just like in every career, there are sleepless nights and late hours and projects that don’t go as planned. But with teachers, there is also an element of urgency because this is the only year they get to reach this cadre of children.

Teachers, whether this is your first year, your 17th, your 37th year in the classroom or anywhere in between, we want you to know that you are appreciated and loved. Your tireless work doesn’t go unnoticed, and while a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card may be nice, it doesn’t convey the depths of our thanks. It’s not just the students who appreciate you. It’s often generations of families who benefit from your hard work. Thank you!

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