Tuesday, June 06, 2023

SAR Academy celebrated Yom Yerushalayim with song, prayer, interactive learning and some special treats.

The students and faculty kicked off the celebrations with a moving schoolwide musical Hallel on The Steps. Each grade had special activities to mark the day: The kindergarteners concluded their three-week “trip” to Israel with a visit to Jerusalem, which they recreated in the Early Learning Center. (This was after spending time in numerous other locations, including Tel Aviv and a kibbutz). First graders built their very own Kotel and all students were treated to blue ices.

Rabbi Joel Cohn, former SAR Academy principal, met with students over Zoom from Israel. He took the students on a “tour” of the city and showed them the street he lives on, the Kotel and the Shuk. He taught fifth graders about the 1967 War, which they first learned about in a curriculum that was written by Rabbi Yonah Fuld, another former SAR Academy principal.

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