Saturday, January 28, 2023

Washington, DC–The 2014 Winter Saban conference was an amazing experience. The informative topics ranged from Sunnis and Shiites to the Israeli “occupation,” Iran’s nuclear program and anti-Israel arguments. The presentations were especially insightful because of the boundless energy of the young students in the various sessions. AIPAC also presented some new initiatives to high school students, including those of creating high school cadres and changing AIPAC club names. The cadre, unlike the old system of putting the responsibility in the hands of an individual president, will spread responsibility to many members of the group, essentially getting more people involved in AIPAC itself. Another highlight of the trip was the fact that many people from around the country were able to meet and connect with one another. This gave students more confidence in their beliefs, as they saw they were not alone in holding them. All in all, Saban was a very remarkable experience.

By Jacob Nelson, RKYHS Junior

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