Saturday, October 01, 2022

Zivugzone is a new online dating site geared 100% to observant singles. Founded by Moshe Coan, the site launched last fall and in six short months over 3,500 singles have registered—and four couples got engaged. Moshe, a licensed marriage and relationship therapist, has always had an interest in the dynamics of compatibility in relationships. In fact, research shows that two people with similar personality traits have an easier time negotiating relationship issues which may lead to a more satisfying marriage and more compatibility in the long run. The site is free for registrants after agreeing to the terms of conditions confirming that the registrant is Orthodox. The site has haskamos from two rabbis.

So how does the site work?  Individuals register and complete 75 questions on compatibility. Based on responses, they are instantly matched based on their personality traits, hashkafah, age requirements and relocation possibility. There are two ways to receive matches: one is via direct email and the other is through a shadchan.  The site follows a BYOS policy requiring the registrant to “bring your own shadchan” if that is the introduction method they choose.  To date, 93% of registrants have opted for the direct email contact.

Moshe explains, “80% of the registrants live in the New York area and, interestingly enough, despite its name, Zivugzone, the site’s current breakdown is 50% Modern Orthodox from Manhattan, Teaneck and Fair Lawn with the other 50% is yeshivish. The matches that a particular person will receive are directly tied to the hashkafah they entered, so each person controls their matches. If someone is in the system that matches personality and hashkafah to another, a match is instantly created.”

Moshe continues, “So far, the response has been amazing and the registrants see this as a wonderful resource and opportunity to meet others in a non-threatening way.”  To learn more, visit the site at www.zivugzone.com

Dubbed the “Anti-Matchmaker,” JHitched doesn’t set people up on dates. Rather, the company focuses on providing Jewish daters social, style and dating advice. Based in Teaneck, the company was founded by David Ochs and Isaac Hyman. JHitched helps Orthodox daters take control of their own dating destiny by building upon their social skills and giving them confidence and life skills needed to date successfully. Based upon their own personal experiences, they educate, coach and guide daters in need of dating advice.

David says, “Some of the dating advice may seem obvious, yet basic techniques are not being used. For example, if a guy is asking a woman out for a midweek date, don’t ask her out for coffee at 7 p.m. on a weeknight when both are working.  She’s likely to be hungry and wants dinner—a coffee makes her perceive the guy as cheap.”

The company specializes in three distinct areas. Dating consulting includes developing a dating strategy, pre- and post-date review and online dating profiles. Social consulting focuses on overcoming shyness, how to develop self esteem, non-verbal cues and on moving past a break-up. The third area, Image Consulting, tackles wardrobe assessment, social media make-overs and fitness and personal training. Isaac Hyman, co-founder, says, “A lot of what we do is to provide the basic life and dating skills to develop the self-confidence to succeed in dating. Ultimately our goal is for our dating clients to find their soulmate.”

The business is marketed through social media, blogs, Facebook and Yahoo groups. Cyber support, dating only, and complete dating packages are available for purchase by the month. They also partner with stylists, make-up artists and wardrobe consultants based on the specific needs of the client.

As an aside, JHitched was recently approached about participating in a reality show that focuses on religious dating. The show is currently a work in progress. In an effort to offer diverse opinions on Jewish dating, JHitched has teamed up with regional and internationally known Jewish matchmakers in an effort to move the entire project forward for everyone’s benefit. For more information, visit www.JHitched.com or call 201-304-7954.

By Liah Bloom

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