Saturday, July 04, 2020

TABC has had a great run in the past couple of weeks in a variety of high level area competitions, including the NJ Math League, College Bowl, Science Olympiad and Model Beis Din.

After the fifth round of the NJ Math League, TABC is in the top 10% in Bergen County and has been cited as a high scoring school in the state of NJ. The school is in 2nd place of all yeshivot in the Metropolitan area. In this most recent contest, Yehuda Koslow had a perfect score of 6. In second place were A.J. Book, Jonah Ganchrow, Orrin Kigner, Hillel Koslowe and Michael Krantz. In third place were Eli Hyman, Jacob Rosenfeld and Daniel Zolty.

Continuing its long-standing tradition, the TABC College Bowl Junior Varsity team won its final three regular-season matches, going undefeated in all of its 10 matches in the NJ Division and repeating its division championship, as in previous years.

TABC was proud to finish in third place out of the 12 area yeshivot in the Science Olympiad which took place at Touro College (see photo).

TABC has once again emerged as the champions of the Lander College for Men Model Beis Din competition. TABC’s well-prepared students, led by coach Rabbi Jachter (who serves as an active Dayan) and captain Shlomo Korsinsky (’17), blew away the competition with their mastery of the relevant sources to help them respond to the issues with which they were challenged.

Lander College rebbeim and other competitors commented on the extraordinarily high quality of the TABC students’ presentation and deportment during the grueling day of repeated head-to- head competition and grueling questioning from the rebbeim, including its famed Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Yonasan Sacks. The high quality of TABC Torah learning was abundantly clear as TABC defeated the 10 other competing teams.