Monday, August 03, 2020

This week in MTA a new, cutting-edge piece of technology was unveiled: A 3D printer, named the EKOCYCLE, was set up and utilized by members of the Scientific Engineering team. Everyone in the room gazed in awe as a functional object was extruded before their eyes. To print, the user must craft the object on a computer in “CAD,” or a “computer animated design” program, and send it to the printer to be created. In the future, both the Scientific Engineering classes and the Robotics Club will be able to save money by simply printing the objects they need for student projects. This will be a great asset to the MTA technology department, as the printer is a serious tool that will be harnessed in many new creative ways.

The project was boldly spearheaded by the Robotics club—particularly Yehuda Tager of Teaneck—who helped procure the 3D printer through a grant from First Tech Challenge.

By Ben Zion Zuckier