Saturday, March 25, 2023

The Jewish Educational Center’s Yeshiva of Elizabeth was alight with excitement yesterday with the much anticipated opening of Candy Caper, an event revolving around mathematics that was developed by math coordinators Amy Bassan and Orit Schnur.

Run by students in fourth through sixth grades who participate in the JEC’s special math enrichment program, the event welcomed students throughout the division, as well as parents, grandparents and siblings. Guests were introduced to the basics of using math skills and logic through innovative games and puzzles, and were given the challenge to solve an impressively detailed mystery caper.

Some of the mathematical tools that were leveraged in the game included the laws of divisibility, place value, base-two number system, cryptarithms, number proportions, fractions and math logic word puzzles. “At the JEC, math is not just a discipline that we teach our students,” said Rabbi Eliyahu Teitz, associate dean. “Our educators work hard to identify creative and meaningful ways to demonstrate that math is integral and relevant to many areas of their lives, well beyond the classroom.”

The capacity attendance, broad smiles and enthusiastic buzz emanating from the gym during the event are testament to its  success.

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