Saturday, March 25, 2023

On Lag B’omer, the YOE nursery and kindergarten classes traveled to the Staten Island Zoo for a great day of fun and adventure. They saw many different animals and ate a picnic lunch. Primer jumped, played and were enthralled at Screamin’ Parties. The first grade savored a barbecue lunch in Morah Leslee’s backyard, playing games and enjoying their picnic. The second graders experienced a fabulous trip to the Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn, where they explored the stimulating educational exhibits. Grade three, and fourth and fifth grade boys were enthralled by their trip to Warinanco Park, where they played games and had a delicious barbecue. Fourth and fifth grade girls traveled to Allaire State Park, where they took a ride in an old engine train and toured historical houses. Sixth grade girls visited Mrs. Leiter’s house and celebrated with a bonfire and a kumsitz.

The Bruriah seventh and eighth grades participated in a sefirah-based color war program. The two teams, Blue and Pink, were each given a theme that had to do with sefirah: chessed and gevurah. Some highlights of the day were dodgeball and races at the park, a chalk mural, a Shavuot chidon and, of course, lots of creativity and cheering.

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