Sunday, May 24, 2020

On Thursday, September 3rd, the new school year entered “pre-season” with the annual freshmen orientation; the incoming freshmen class – scheduled to be the 100th graduating class of YUHSB – were excited to meet their new teachers and fellow classmates as they embark on their high school adventure. The day consisted of somewhat shortened classes following the regular schedule, in order for the teachers and students to get acquainted with each other before the beginning of the actual school year. YU Rosh Yeshiva Rav Hershel Schachter even made his way into all of the freshmen classes to issue words of greeting and to discuss his own experiences as a MTA student.

On Tuesday, September 8th, the “regular season” officially commenced. As the new school year begins, many students are excited to join the wide array of clubs and activities that MTA has to offer. The coming school year appears to be a promising one – all the students arrived at historic Zysman Hall, surprised and excited to see all the building renovations that had been done over the summer. The 4th floor classrooms have been newly carpeted, and have larger, more modern desks and new chairs. Some of the bathrooms were also redone and many areas of the school have been repainted. Students were also treated to special iPhone wallets bearing the MTA logo. Tryouts for a large variety of Lions’ teams took place during the evenings and final rosters are almost set.

Back-to-School Night then took place for parents the evening of September 9th; parents had the opportunity to meet their sons’ teachers, school leaders, and to get acquainted with fellow members of the MTA family. Parents, students and faculty are all excited about the year ahead.

By Raziel Siegman and Netanel Tager