Saturday, June 03, 2023


YBH of Passaic Students Win National Science Competition

The NSTA/Toshiba ExploraVision is a national science competition that engages students’ abilities to create technology solutions to real-life challenges. Rebecca Bral and Elisheva Weiner, seventh-grade YBH students participating in an advanced science program at YBH known as E2K, were recognized for having designed a


Yavneh Students Learn Torah Leadership Skills Through Color War

Yavneh Academy’s Middle School students got into the Adar spirit last week with three intense days of competition and camaraderie in this year’s color war! With competitions ranging from Memory Lane Monday (Duck, Duck, Goose; Musical Chairs; Mother May I?) to a building-wide Apache Race to Quidditch (of course


Tech N Torah at the Yavneh/IDEA Schools MakerXpo

The Tech N Torah booth fused the two worlds together to bring Torah concepts to the 21st-century technology-driven child. Using Littlebits sound, light and motion circuit kits, participants created structures such as “the sword of your favorite character in Tanach” and an alarm so that you don’t miss davening. Older


Moriah Nursery Learns About Triangles

Triangles have been the focus in our nursery classes this week. The children learned that triangles have three sides and three points. We searched our classroom and found so many triangles everywhere. The kids loved forming triangles using Magna Tiles, plastic sticks, blocks and more. It led us to a Purim riddle: What’s


RYNJ Celebrates Masmidim Club

Each year, RYNJ conducts its highly successful Masmidim Club. The purpose of the club is to encourage Torah learning outside of classroom requirements. This “Masmidim Challenge” is available to students who wish to know, and learn extremely well, additional facts of Torah and Judaism. Some topics included are


Frisch Students Motivated on NCSY Chesed Mission to Omaha

This past weekend, Frisch sent a contingent of 15 sophomores to Omaha, Nebraska, for a special chesed mission that focused on social justice and giving back to the community.

The mission was part of NJ NCSY’s commitment to sending high school students to areas across


MTA’s National Merit Scholarship Finalists

The National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) has announced the names of finalists from across the country in the annual National Merit Scholarship Program. Yeshiva University High School for Boys (MTA) is proud to note that two of our students are among these finalists: Yishai Eisenberg and Tsahi Halyo. These academically


TABC Celebrates Siyumim

The Gemara in Shabbat describes the value in making a siyum when finishing a section of the Torah. Last week, TABC shiurim celebrated two siyumim. Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Adler took his Gemara shiur to Poppy’s for breakfast to celebrate finishing the sugya of Chamra v’Shikra in Brachot. One of Rabbi Blau’s Navi shiurim made a


TABC Freshmen Head to Broadway

“Amazing” was the word most often heard as the TABC freshmen boarded the bus to return to school after seeing the matinee performance of “Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” on February 24. All of the ninth-grade students had read and discussed the book in their English classes prior to seeing the Broadway show


Family Learning Night at Ma’ayanot

Ma’ayanot’s 10th annual family learning night was held on Tuesday evening, March 1. The evening began with a festive Chinese dinner, during which students and their parents learned in chavruta to prepare for a shiur by Mrs. Yael Weil, Halacha teacher, on the topic “Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd...Understanding Esther’s


MTA Mock Trial Team Wins Again!

The Yeshiva University High School for Boys (MTA) mock trial team played its second match of the year this past Wednesday night. Lawyers Chaim Roffman, Yehuda Goldberg and Ben Tzion Zuckier argued on behalf of Officer Flanagan. They faced the defense of the Bronx School of Law and Public Service who supported the alleged drug dealer, Kelly


IDF Delegation Tells Bruriah and RTMA Students ‘Remember the Names; It’s About the Names’

The message a touring IDF Delegation left Bruriah and RTMA students on the first stop of a two-week tour of NY and NJ is to remember the names of the fallen. In response to Bruriah G.O. President Shira Allen’s question, “What can we students here in America do to help the soldiers?” Delegation representative Naftali

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