Friday, January 21, 2022


SINAI Student on The Job Gets Five Stars

This SINAI Karasick Shalem High School student at Heichal HaTorah has been participating in on-the-job vocational training for several years thanks to Five Star Caterers, owned by Kenny Yager. He has been preparing and serving lunch for students at the Moriah School in Englewood. Five Star is a devoted SINAI


Bruriah Freshmen Go to Broadway

Bruriah’s freshman class took a trip to NYC to attend the critically acclaimed Broadway play “To Kill A Mockingbird.” In addition to being a robust cultural experience, it was a wonderful opportunity for the girls to reinforce their recent reading of “To Kill A Mockingbird” in their English classes. After the


The Idea School Embarks On Israel Layers Project

This week, as part of the Israel Layers Project, juniors and seniors had the privilege of hearing from Dr. Israel Singer. Dr. Singer is the former secretary general of the World Jewish Congress and the former president of the Claims Conference. He is also the grandfather of Head of STEM Aryeh Laufer. Dr. Singer


RKYHS Students Visit RCA Beit Din

This past Monday, as a culmination of learning a unit on business ethics, Rabbi Mintz’s senior boys Yahadut class took a trip to New York City to visit the Rabbinical Council of America’s Bet Din of America. The boys met with Rabbi Shlomo Weissman, director of the bet din, who described the types of cases adjudicated there and


TABC Israel Advocacy Club Covers Partition Plan

TABC’s Israel Advocacy Club had the opportunity to hear from TABC Rebbe Rabbi Chaim Jachter on Chanukah. Rabbi Jachter, who is extremely knowledgeable in both Torah and history, spoke about the miracle that occurred on November 29, 1947 when the United Nations voted on the Partition Plan. Rabbi Jachter explained that the


It’s Winter at Moriah

The Moriah School toddlers is so excited for the winter. They made their own giant snowmen out of all different materials and hung them on the bulletin board for everyone to see. The children are also learning many different winter words in Hebrew and are looking forward to the first snowfall to build a real איש שלג


Heichal HaTorah Enjoys Amazing Shabbaton

The Heichal HaTorah ninth and 12th graders enjoyed an amazing shabbaton in the Teaneck/Bergenfield community. Before heading to their hosts homes, the talmidim started the shabbaton with an exciting bubble soccer game, fun time in the pool with friends and a delicious lunch. On Friday night, the talmidim gathered at Congregation Beth


WDS Seventh Grade Does Chesed Project

The WDS seventh grade students who worked on the hygiene chesed drive for new Americans and refugees handed off the packages to a representative from the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. At the beginning of the month, two representatives from HIAS Zoomed with the students, explaining their mission and how their 140 year old


Lauren Elise Bier Nursery School Learns About Habitats

The pre-k class at the Lauren Elise Bier Nursery School has been learning about habitats. In order to better understand the arctic habitat, they did a science experiment. They took their bare hand and placed it into one bowl filled with ice water. On the other hand they had a ziplock bag glove that had blubber


JKHA Fifth Grade Creates Augmented Reality Museum

The fifth grade has been working very hard in both history class as well as in their weekly technology class with Educational Technologist Mrs. Rubin making a special augmented reality museum. This project consists of both a Mesopotamian artifact that the students made a short video about as well as their own meaningful


Bruriah Hosts Parent Technology Event

On Monday Evening, Bruriah hosted a tremendously successful technology event for its parent body. The goal of this event was to create an open dialogue about technology and strengthen the partnership that the school shares with each family at Bruriah.

The evening began with the


JEC Boys Learn, Live and Love Torah

As a culminating activity to their Halacha unit on טבילת כילים, the boys in Rabbi Pietruszka’s class brought in כילים to tovel in the JEC keilim mikvah!

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