Monday, June 05, 2023


Mi’shenichnas Adar Marbim B’Simcha B’RYNJ

RYNJ preschool celebrates the simcha of Adar to its fullest, and with two Adars this year, the children can enjoy double the fun. Each Friday, from Rosh Chodesh through Purim, there are special programs and activities planned. The school kicked off Chodesh Adar with a Rosh Chodesh assembly. All eleven preschool


He’Atid Second Graders Receive Chumashim

Yehivat He’Atid’s second graders received their first chumashim this past Sunday. The students have been preparing for months, and it was evident to all who gathered for the occasion. You could feel the children’s excitement as they sang and danced in celebration of embarking on their lifelong journeys of limud


Ma’ayanot Students Win Recognition in Writing Contest

The literary works of three Ma’ayanot students won recognition in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition. Racheli Herzfeld ‘18 won a Gold Key for her poem “Eclipse;” Leora Wasserman ‘18 received an Honorable Mention in the Flash Fiction category for her short story “Friends Inside


MTA LEADers Learn to Develop Business Plan

On Tuesday evening, February 16, Sy Syms School of Business Professor Bob Tufts led a workshop for students in Yeshiva University High School for Boys’ (MTA) unique business and entrepreneurship program, MTA LEAD. Professor Tufts, a former major league baseball player, is an adjunct professor of management at Syms and was able to


Yavneh Holds First Annual Digital Citizenship Fair

Yavneh Academy held its first annual digital citizenship fair. The sixth graders incorporated project-based learning into the digital citizenship curriculum. The students researched various topics about digital citizenship such as digital etiquette and staying safe online, and then presented to Yavneh’s


Nachum Segal Broadcasts Live From Ma’ayanot

Tremendous excitement was in the air on Thursday, February 18, as the popular radio program JM in the AM was broadcast live from Ma’ayanot. Host Nachum Segal, father of Ma’ayanot students Chava ‘16 and Yonina ‘17, transformed the school’s beit midrash into a radio studio. There, he interviewed founding parents, current parents,


Yeshivat Noam Parents Hit the Bowling Lanes

Yeshivat Noam Parents Association (YNPA), under the leadership of Paula Cohen and Jennie Mohl, organized Bowling Night for parents in Buds through Grade 3. This uniting evening provided a casual and comfortable opportunity for parents to get to know each other while enjoying the sport.


JKHA Students Show Appreciation of Israeli Soldiers

This past Friday night the Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center in Raanana, Israel hosted a Shabbat dinner for approximately 80 lone soldiers in the Tel Aviv area. Families from the city of Raanana were asked to prepare dishes for the meal. Israeli school children created letters and cards of appreciation. The students in first grade


Ambassador Ayalon Shares Thoughts on Israel With MTA Students

This past Tuesday, the Yeshiva University High School for Boys (MTA) student body had the unique opportunity to hear from a former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Danny Ayalon. Aфmbassador Ayalon, who is currently a visiting professor at Yeshiva University, spoke about the current wave of terrorism in Israel and analyzed


Rabbi Rietti Inspires at Bruriah’s Newman Memorial Event

On a record-breaking frigid evening, nearly 200 individuals, including Bruriah and JEC alumni, current and former and parents, as well as many community members, converged on Bruriah High School for the 4th Annual Mrs. Chaya Newman a”h Memorial Event. The evening featured renowned inspirational speaker, Rabbi Jonathan Rietti, who


Leah Sokoloff Nursery Keeps an Eye on the Road

The pre-K children at The Leah Sokoloff Nursery School are learning about transportation. They had fun painting with cars this week as they explored the world of things that “go” and learned about safety on the road.


TABC Students Visit State House in Trenton

This past week, as part of their study of the Government of the United States, the Advanced Placement United States Government and Politics class traveled to Trenton, New Jersey to visit the home of the New Jersey state government. By seeing the nexus of our state government, the students hoped to bring their study to

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