Friday, June 09, 2023


Yeshivat Noam Students Celebrate 100th Day of School

Yeshivat Noam students celebrated the 100 thDay with costumes, decorations and special activities to commemorate the event.


Yavneh First Grade Marks 100 Days

Yavneh Academy first graders celebrated 100 days of school while wearing their 100 day crowns and playing fun and educational rounds of Bingo.


He’Atid Counts 100 Days of School


100 Is the Theme of the Day at JKHA

Lower School students at the Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy have been counting the days of school and eagerly awaiting the 100th day. Classes spent the day doing a variety of activities. They were engaged in making 100’s inspired art museums; collecting 100 items; writing 100 tally marks; listing 100 adjectives; and playing math


RYNJ Students Say Amen

RYNJ is in the midst of a school-wide unit on brachot. All students are learning the correct brachot to make on certain foods. Morah Deena Katz of 3G4 taught her students the importance of making brachot as well as answering Amen. They celebrated with an Amen Party. The students had all sorts of foods before them, and when they


Rav Reuven Taragin Speaks at Frisch-Sponsored Event

Rabbi Reuven Taragin, Dean of Overseas Students at Yeshivat HaKotel, spoke on Monday night at the home of Batya and Nachman Paul, as part of the Miriam and Daniel Distinguished Speaker Series at The Frisch School.

Rabbi Taragin spoke to a packed house on the
topic, “Who Will be the


Moriah Nursery Goes Into Hibernation

Hibernation Day in Moriah nursery gave the kids lots to do and learn. The class arrived at school in pajamas and began the day by eating and eating until their bellies got so full, just as bears fill their own stomachs before they hibernate for the long winter. Marshmallow math activities, experiencing the change in


Noam Fifth Graders Embark on Mission at Buehler Challenge and Space Center

The Yeshivat Noam fifth graders took an excellent trip to the Buehler Challenger & Space Center. The students were challenged with a virtual space mission, and had the opportunity to work in both mission control and the spacecraft. They saw that each person on the mission had an impact on its success. The children were


Yavneh Academy Celebrates National Children’s Dental Health Month

In honor of National Children’s Dental Health Month, aunt of Yavneh ECD students Dr. Rebecca Block and Yavneh parent Dr. Rachel Jacobs, visited Yavneh Academy. The children learned how and when to brush their teeth and the importance of using toothpaste, a toothbrush and floss. The guests helped the children learn how


TABC Hosts Stimulating Math/Science Expo

TABC held a singularly impressive Rabbi Hershel Solnica TABC Math/Science Expo last week. The evening began with opening remarks and divrei Torah by Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Yosef Adler, and Science Chair Dr. Joel Berman. Dr. Berman recounted a story about the rishon the Ibn Ezra, who after adjudicating a monetary case stated that one


Yavneh Academy Sixth Grade Presents at Science Fair

Yavneh Academy sixth grade students proudly presented to fourth graders, during the day, and to parents in the evening, at the 2016 Science Fair. Students chose a particular product to study. Using the scientific method, students researched and investigated if the product they chose did what advertisers claimed.


Morah Jodi Equips RYNJ Preschoolers With Social Skills

RYNJ’s Preschool students learn a lot each day. Their days are filled with hands-on learning, a rich curriculum, multisensory experiences and play. While teaching Parsha, literacy, holidays, science and so much more, RYNJ puts emphasis on helping their youngest learners grow socially and emotionally. Led by the preschool

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