Friday, February 03, 2023


Anticipating Shavuot at RYNJ


RKYHS Students Learn About Havdalah

The ninth and 10 thgrade RKYHS Talmud classes recently came together for a havdalah workshop. The students just finished a unit on hilchot havdalah, and made their own havdalah set in culmination of the unit. The students dipped their wicks in wax, braided their candles, made their own besamim bags and reviewed the


TABC Wins College Bowl Competition for Sixth Time

Congratulations are in order for the TABC College Bowl Team that won the Yeshiva High School College Bowl League Junior Varsity Championship. This is TABC’s sixth college bowl championship in the last seven years.


Transitioning to Junior High

As part of the transition to the junior high of Bruriah, seventh and eighth grade girls hosted the sixth graders. The Candyland-themed program featured a tour of Bruriah, a scrumptious lunch, a game of Candy “Would You Rather” and an impressive performance produced by the seventh and eighth graders. Making candy sushi was a


JEC Students Participate in Candy Land Math Fair

Students in the JEC’s fourth through sixth grades took part in a fun and interactive math fair, combining the skills they had learned in class with creative problem-solving and cooperation. The gym was transformed into Candy Land, and the boys and girls went from station to station collecting different clues to ultimately solve


Yavneh’s Fourth Grade Storytelling Festival of Fables, and the Moral Is….

Yavneh Academy was the setting for a fun-filled Storytelling Festival of Fables on May 4-5, as the fourth grade students shared their stories with students in grades one through five, and then with their proud parents in two evening performances.

The festival is a cooperative effort of


JEC/Bruriah Celebrate Lag B’Omer

On Lag B’omer, the YOE nursery and kindergarten classes traveled to the Staten Island Zoo for a great day of fun and adventure. They saw many different animals and ate a picnic lunch. Primer jumped, played and were enthralled at Screamin’ Parties. The first grade savored a barbecue lunch in Morah Leslee’s backyard, playing


Ben Porat Yosef Students Learn About “Prisoners of Zion”

On May 6, BPY junior high students had the privilege of meeting with Rabbi Yosef Mendelevitch, a famous former “Prisoner of Zion” in the former Soviet Union, and hearing his amazing story. Rabbi Mendelevitch, originally from Riga, related stories of his survival of 11 years in a Soviet gulag after having been arrested for


RTMA Holds Honor and Segulah Society Inductions

Parents and families turned out for a very special occasion at RTMA. After hearing from a guest speaker, a group of select RTMA students were inducted into the National Honor Society and Segulah Society of RTMA, which recognizes the members’ middot and community service (of a minimum of 45 hours per year).


MTA Students Help Rebuild Communities

Last Sunday, a number of MTA juniors and seniors answered the chesed call of Bonim Builders, a division of the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey that helps to “renovate and perform critical repairs for low income families, seniors, and the physically disabled.” The groups of students, accompanied by YUHS executive


Weather Watch in Moriah First Grade

First grade has started a new and exciting science unit... weather! You would be amazed at how much the children have learned about cumulus, cirrus and stratus clouds. One of the most enjoyable parts was making a cumulus cloud using Elmer’s glue and shaving cream. There is much more yet to come with graphing and watching


RYNJ Second Grade Learns Four Keys to Chumash Comprehension: Because, That, When, Only

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