Friday, March 31, 2023


RYNJ Kindergarten Examines Autumn

RYNJ kindergarten students enjoying autumn with some hands-on learning experiences.


Frisch Seniors View 9/11 Memorial Museum

Last week, Frisch seniors visited the 9/11 Memorial Museum in Lower Manhattan to remember the tragic events of that fateful day. The Museum serves as the country’s primary institution that explores the implications of the events of 9/11, and the day’s lingering impact and significance.


TABC Has School Spirit

With opening night excitement still buzzing around school, TABC Rebbeim got into the spirit and cheered on STORM athletes.


Yeshivat Noam Students Change Matter

This week, Yeshivat Noam seventh grade students in Mrs. Miriam Shteingart’s classes explored the differences between physical and chemical changes of matter. While completing seven different mini experiments, student recorded observations and found evidence that helped them to classify the different reactions as a


Parshah Play at Leah Sokoloff Nursery

The yeladim of The Leah Sokoloff Nursery School enjoy acting out Parshat Chayei Sarah.


AAA Comes to Ma’ayanot

Some topics are better learned in a classroom, others in the parking lot. This past Thursday, four mechanics from AAA came to present to Ma’ayanot seniors on basic automotive safety, including how to change a tire, how to jump-start a stalled car and how to troubleshoot under the hood.



Ben Porat Yosef Students Travel With Google Expeditions

On Thursday, November 5, thanks to Google and Google Expeditions, Ben Porat Yosef students experienced immersive virtual field trips to places school buses could never take them. Third graders “visited” different biomes, including tundras, taigas, savannahs and deserts, as part of their study of continents and oceans.


Teaneck Chabad Hosts Fort Lee Chabad for STEM Instruction

Teaneck Chabad Preschool hosted Chabad Preschool of Fort Lee for a day of education about S.T.E.M. learning for preschoolers, with presenters Devory Krasnianski, director of the CECE (Chabad Early Childhood Education) Network, and Dina Leifert. The teachers even got down on the floor, as the children do, to play with and explore


Yavneh Students Take Selfies at Jewish Home at Rockleigh

Yavneh eighth graders visit The Jewish Home at Rockleigh on a monthly basis to share technology skills with the residents. In today’s society, taking “selfies” is ubiquitous. The residents at The Jewish Home were excited to share in this experience and took selfies with Yavneh students. They then shared via email


RYNJ Hosts Israeli Psychologist Dr. Berger

This Monday, the RYNJ Middle School students had the privilege of hearing Dr. Annette Berger, a former RYNJ school psychologist who made Aliyah four years ago. Dr. Berger now serves as a psychologist in the educational/psychological services of Ma’alei Adumim, and as a private therapist in Yerushalayim.


MTA Lions Visit Columbia’s Den

On Monday, November 2, 2015, Yeshiva University High School for Boys’ (MTA) Academy News editors-in-chief and yearbook staff traveled four miles south to Columbia University for the 76 thannual Scholastic Press Association Fall Conference. Upon arrival, the students were supplied with a schedule of sessions to choose


Frisch Art Class Shops Ikea

Mrs. Ahuva Mantell’s art class at Frisch had a surprise trip to Ikea last week, where students had a scavenger hunt throughout the mega store. Their task at hand: to create artistic shots accompanying different scenes like, “Guess who’s coming to dinner?” and “I woke up like this.”

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