Friday, February 03, 2023


SINAI and Kushner Students Dance Together on Yom Ha’atzmaut


Ben Porat Yosef Marks Yom Ha’zikaron

Ben Porat Yosef commemorated Yom Ha’zikaron with an emotionally powerful ceremony on Wednesday, April 21 st. Students performed moving presentations, sang memorial songs and presented special videos which paid tribute to fallen Israeli soldiers and victims of terror. Special speaker, Eli Weiss, shared the story


Moriah Students Plant on Yom Ha’zikaron


JKHA MS Remembers and Celebrates Israel

This week, the JKHA Middle School students learned about and celebrated Israel. On Wednesday, April 22 nd, they began the day by expressing gratitude to the Israeli soldiers who gave their lives for the state of Israel and for those who continue to serve the country every day. Students attended an assembly which


Yom Ha’atzmaut/Yom Ha’zikaron at JEC

Students in the Jewish Educational Center’s three divisions: Yeshiva of Elizabeth, Rav Teitz Mesivta Academy and Bruriah High School celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut with guest speakers, celebrations, song, dance, and an array of special delicacies and activities.

On Yom


YOM HA’SHOAH OBSERVED RYNJ Sixth Graders Compile Museum of Jewish Heritage

On Thursday, April 16th the sixth graders of Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey presented their own “Museum of Jewish Heritage.” The project, titled “Me, My Family, My Heritage,” brought together elements of a recent literature unit on the Holocaust with each student’s quest to discover his or her own


Moriah Students Meet a Cave Explorer Who Unearthed a Remarkable Story of Survival in the Holocaust

Dr. Elliot Prager, Principal of Englewood’s Moriah School, saw a film in New York that was so gripping, he decided that not only should the middle school students see it, they should meet the man featured in the film to hear the story directly from him. On Yom Ha’shoah, the students watched No


Yom Ha’shoah ‘70 for 70’ at MTA

On Thursday, April 16 th, the Student Activities Department at MTA put together an incredibly meaningful program to recognize Yom Ha’shoah. Nearly a month ago, many MTA classes started reading 70 Days for 70 Years. This sefer comprises 70 eclectic essays, ranging from pure historical anecdotes and allegories,


Yeshivat Noam’s Living Museum: a Personal Yom Ha’shoah Experience

Paramus—As he merged with the crowd exiting the middle school auditorium, there were tears in his eyes. “I’m thinking of all my brothers and sisters,” he said to me. “They were so little….”

We were leaving the Yeshivat Noam Yom Ha’shoah program, an innovative


Ma’ayanot Observes Yom Ha’shoah

Ma’ayanot commemorated Yom Ha’shoah with a candle lighting ceremony after tefilah. The viewing of the documentary “Rene and I” followed. The film tells the story of a set of twins who were experimented upon by Josef Mengele and other Nazi doctors. Afterwards, Rene Slotkin, a twin from the film, shared her


Parents Reflect As JYEP School Year Concludes

As the school year is drawing to a close, many parents whose children are enrolled in The Jewish Youth Encounter Program (JYEP) are reflecting on their children’s experiences. JYEP is an independent outreach Hebrew school in Bergen County serving Jewish children in third through seventh grades. Many JYEP parents say that their


MTA’s Yeshiva Fellowship Learns Kashrus at Mike’s Bistro

This past week, students in MTA’s unique Yeshiva Fellowship Program took a trip to Mike’s Bistro, the upscale 54 thstreet kosher restaurant, to learn about some hands-on applications of the laws of Kashrus. The students had prepared for the trip by studying some of the basic halachos of Kashrus, and some boys went so

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