Friday, June 09, 2023


Don’t Miss the I.D.E.A Network’s MakerXpo on March 6

Electronics and circuitry, app creation, 3-D printing, videography, micro-green planting, sensors, secret knock detectors, design thinking, a fail forward lab and more!

The Maker Movement is all about making cool things with tech, and the I.D.E.A. Schools Network is excited to announce that our first


Indoor Trampoline Park Coming to Camp Dina

A new indoor trampoline park is in the midst of being built on the Camp Dina grounds in preparation for the camp season of 2016. If you venture up to the snowy Pocono Mountains, you’ll hear the sounds of construction in the air. You see, the Camp Dina team is serious about their jumping.



Simply Tsfat Captivates Frisch Music Students

Adar was immediately more joyous with the musical appearance of Simply Tsfat, whose members visited Frisch to discuss the power of music. They stipulated that music enhances the ability to serve Hashem, and serves as a source of positive energy. Simply Tsfat addressed seniors enrolled in the music elective course (and some


MTA’s ‘Names Not Numbers’ Participants Interview Holocaust Survivors

Over the past two weeks, seniors at Yeshiva University High School for Boys (MTA) in the Names, Not Numbers program conducted interviews with Holocaust survivors for the students’ oral history projects. These were not, however, simply question and answer interviews. All of the students involved in the class spent an entire


Iris Berman Preschoolers Build Model Mishkan

As part of their parshah program last week, the “fours” class at the Iris Berman Early Childhood Center in Livingston decided to make a replica of the Mishkan out of building blocks. Pictures of the Mishkan, Menorah and Luchot were hung by the blocks so the children could visualize what they think the Mishkan should


BPY Students Meet Head Rabbi of Athens

Rabbi Gabriel Negrin, Head Rabbi of Athens, joined Ben Porat Yosef junior high students for tefillah and kabbalat Shabbat on Friday, February 12. Afterwards, Rabbi Negrin shared the fascinating history of Greek Jewry reaching back to ancient times, and answered student questions about the modern day Jewish community in Greece and


RYNJ Holds Metric Math Night

Can you estimate the weight of a bag of jelly beans, in grams? How about the volume of a gift box, in cubic centimeters? Can you guess how high you can jump, in meters? Or can you estimate how far you can throw a frisbee in centimeters? The third and fourth grade students at RYNJ and their guests can answer all of the


Bruriah Students Travel to the Moon at Buehler Science Center

Bruriah seventh graders visited the Buehler Challenger and Science Center for a simulated Mission to the Moon. The trip brought the students’ unit on moon and space to life in an exciting and hands-on way.


JEC Achievement Highlighted at Rosh Chodesh Breakfast

Students of the Rav Teitz Mesivta Academy enjoyed a celebratory breakfast in honor of Rosh Chodesh Adar I last week, where dozens of students were recognized for their academic achievement with both Honor Roll (90% and above) and Principal’s List (95% and above) designations.


JKHA Kitah Bet Receive Chumashim

The students of JKHA’s Kitah Bet recently received their Chumashim. The second graders put on an incredible performance, which included lines and artwork that the students wrote and drew themselves. The students will use their new chumashim in class, along with the skills they have learned, to continue to become


Kushner Alumni Return to Their Roots

It’s “All in the Family” for JKHA parents of second graders, who are JKHA, HYA (Hebrew Youth Academy—JKHA’s former name) and/or RKYHS alumni. Pictured here are seven of the eight alumni who are current JKHA parents of second graders, at their children’s Chumash play. There are close to 30 current JKHA/RKYHS parents who are


JKHA Pre-K Marks Presidents’ Day

The JKHA pre-K has been learning all about our 16 thpresident, Abraham Lincoln. They were taught that he lived in a one-room log cabin, loved to read and was very studious. The children now know that they can find his picture on a penny or a five dollar bill. After reading the book “Just Like Abraham Lincoln” by

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