Friday, June 09, 2023


RKYHS Digs Into Dough for Needy

Five RKYHS students participated in the Greater MetroWest Jewish Federation Community-wide challah baking held on February 9 at the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. The students, along with faculty member Rabbi Richard Kirsch, assisted in the braiding and baking of 800 challahs for local clients.


Bruriah Eighth Graders Sharpen Their Kashrut Skills

After completing a unit in halacha relating to the kosher kitchen, Bruriah eighth graders had an opportunity to learn hands-on about the science of kashrut. Students inspected lettuce for bugs and checked eggs for blood spots in preparation for a delicious meal that they would later enjoy.


JKHA Girls Take the Dance Floor

Denah Emerson, the Director of Communications at Yeshiva University High School for Girls, has joined the Kushner team for a four-week simcha dance intensive class for the sixth, seventh and eighth grade girls. As a dance teacher at Camp Morasha and an occasional DJ for simchas, Denah will lead the middle school girls as they


RKYHS Sports Management Club Gets to Know the Boulders

The members of the RKYHS sports management club had the opportunity to hear from Seth Cantor, Assistant General Manager of the Rockland Boulders, a minor league baseball team. Mr. Cantor is also the voice of the play-by-play at Boulders games. He described how the organization and its different departments are run, as well as his


RKYHS Students Participate in Substance Abuse Forum

RKYHS hosted students from the Daytop Institute, located in Mendham, New Jersey. Daytop provides compassionate, family-oriented substance abuse treatment for adults and teens. Its students presented to the RKYHS student body personal stories of their struggles with drugs and the challenges they face going forward.


Frisch Students Present Science Research at Rutgers University

Juniors in Dr. Furman’s research elective took a trip to Rutgers to hear from Dr. Andrew Vershon, a principal investigator at Waksman Institute, a professor in the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and Director of the Waksman Student Scholars Program at Rutgers University.


He’Atid Pre-K Gets Busy With Winter Crafts

Yeshivat He’Atid pre-K students had some winter fun by creating snowmen using glue and shaving cream. Students also created their own warm mittens.


Frisch Debuts New Afterschool Robotics Club

Frisch welcomed a brand new robotics club this week to its roster of after school activities.

The club was founded by Mrs. Rifkie Silverman, who was just honored at Frisch’s annual dinner on Saturday night with the Rav Shlomo Kahn Memorial Educator’s Award. The club is greatly


Hey That’s Me!

The RYNJ K2 unit on the body comes to life with original life-size paper dolls.


Advertising Intersects With Science at Yavneh

One of the highlights of sixth grade at Yavneh Academy is the science fair. Students from the younger grades attend the fair and listen in awe as the sixth graders present their projects, demonstrating the depth of their expertise.

Preparations began for the upcoming science fair when the


TABC Stuns at New Jersey Math League Competition

TABC achieved an astounding victory at the third meet of the New Jersey Math League last week. Seven students received a perfect score of six: Shalom Gottesman, Moshe Davis, Eli Dickman, Andrew Haberman, Hillel Koslowe, Yehuda Koslowe and Daniel Zolty. With these perfect scores, TABC tied for first place in the state for the third


JLNJ Publisher Visits Noam Third Grade Class

This past Monday, our Yeshivat Noam 3A classroom received a unique visitor for the first of a series of parent speakers talking about their careers. The visitor was none other than my father, Moshe Kinderlehrer, the founder and co-publisher of the Jewish Link of New Jersey.

He made a lot of

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