Friday, March 24, 2023


Students and Parents Turn Out for Ma’ayanot Open House

Ma'ayanot's open house on October 18 was enhanced by the presence of over 100 student ambassadors and 50 parent ambassadors who turned out in force to make sure that prospective students and parents had all of their questions answered.


TABC Freshman Frenzy

TABC prides itself on the warmth and caring that its talmidim feel on a daily basis. In an effort to facilitate the freshman class—hailing from over a dozen feeder schools in the NY metro area—coming together as a whole, last week was the ever-popular Freshman Frenzy. The freshmen began with team building


YUHSB’s Students Recognized in National Merit Scholarship

The National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) has announced the names of approximately 16,000 semifinalists from across the country in the 61st annual National Merit Scholarship Program. Yeshiva University High School for Boys is proud to note that two of their students are among these semifinalists: Yishai Eisenberg and Tsahi


RYNJ Parshat Noach Color Fun


Teaneck Chabad Preschool Learns Parshat Noach

Pre-Nursery children dressed in their rain gear for a mabulrain party. The Pre-K children learned all about the teivahinteractively, particularly regarding the levels where Noach and his family, the animals and the garbage resided.


Enhancing Tefillah at Ma’ayanot

Developing heartfelt tefillah that binds together the community is a process that requires ongoing reflection and commitment. Over the past few weeks Ma’ayanot was proud to unveil to its students and parent body a variety of new initiatives aimed at making tefillah as inspirational and powerful as possible for the


Frisch Holds Freshmen Retreat

Freshmen at Frisch spent an exciting and awe-inspiring Shabbat in the mountains this past week for the annual Freshman Retreat Shabbaton. Over a long weekend at the Raleigh Hotel, freshmen, along with some their big brothers and sisters in the senior class, participated in workshops, games and group discussions that


Rosh Chodesh at TABC

TABC students and Rebbeim celebrated Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan with a beautiful singing of Hallel, followed by a rolicking game of Human Hungry Hungry Hippos.  The sophomores emerged victorious.


Yavneh Experiences Parshat Noach

In honor of Parshat Noach, the animals from Quiver Farms came to visit the early childhood students at Yavneh Academy.


New iMac Lab at Ma’ayanot

At the start of the school year, Ma’ayanot was thrilled to unveil its new iMac Innovation Lab. Pictured above, Ma’ayanot students enjoy working and collaborating in this technologically advanced work space.


Yeshivat Noam Middle School Siyum

Yeshivat Noam is very proud of the over 50 students that invested a portion of their time off during Sukkot to learning mishnayot and completing multiple masechtot. Most students completed the entire Mishnayot Rosh Hashanah and a smaller group even completed Seder Moed. This learning is part of the Shamati Torah L’Shmah Program


Moriah Kindergarteners Discover Wassily Kandinsky

Moriah Kindergarteners had fun studying the artist Wassily Kandinsky and his artwork. They were taught that many artists, including Kandinsky, are inspired by nature and the colors of the rainbow. Kandisky, they learned, painted many circles in his work. Using primary colors to create their own masterpieces, the students

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